HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Third grade is moving full speed ahead and improving our math and reading skills.

On Tuesday we will be trying out a new website I found to keep track of the progress in math skills for each student. They will have a letter with them this week that will help you to log in to see how your child is doing in multiplication, division and other skills we have and will be working on throughout the year. There will also be a chapter 5 test on Tuesday. This week we end with focusing on multiplication and move on to division. Through this website your child will be able to play games to improve their multiplication facts.

In ELA we will begin the novel, Mr. Popper’s Penguins. We will read some of the book in class and sometimes the students will be responsible for reading it at home. They will have vocabulary words that they will have to learn for each chapter. They will be asked to answer questions based on the chapter. We will also be using this as a platform to learn more about the different types of penguins.