Ms. Costanzos Lesson plans for …                                                                   September 9-13, 2019            

From the desk of Ms. Costanzo:    

We had a great first week.  The students seem happy and so are the teachers.  
Homework will begin on Monday 9/9.  Please review your childs folder daily, most homework will be in their folder.  
We are exploring why it is important to recycle and learning how to waste less.  Please practice recycling with your children at home.  
Please send in nonperishable foods for Chapel. We are collecting pasta and tomato sauce this month but, you may send in any items you wish.  Anything will be appreciated.  Thank you and God Bless.  

-Stay informed by viewing my weekly Blog and Homework assignments on our website.  

          Ms. Costanzo                        Lessons for 9/9-9/13                      Week 2


** Students are expected to be on time for class. Our first period begins at 8:30.

*** Students may wear Gym clothes and sneakers on gym and yoga days only, (Mondays and Wednesdays)  They must be in full uniform all other days.  

**** Music classes and choir classes are on Wednesdays, please remind your child to bring anything needed for music on Wednesdays.  

8:20-8:30                                                                                                                                                                     4thgrade Homeroom–  Attendance, Pledge and Devotions.

Vocabulary -wk book Unit 1- Thursdays only.  The students will have a week to review and study words before tests.    

4th-  Math- 4.NBT.1  (8:30-9:10)

Monday-  Board work, pgs. 39-40. Place Value, Sums and Differences, Estimation

HW-Multiplication wk sheet

Tuesday- Continue, pgs. 41-42

HW- Multiplication wk sheet  

Wednesday- Board work, pgs. 41-42

HW-Wk sheet pg. 3, and Carmen Sandiego (do not do pg. 4)  

Thursday- Define preview words, and Place Value charts, pg. 4

HW-  Multiplication wk sheet    

Friday- Place Value Relationships, pgs. 6-7  

6 Math – 6.NS.4 (9:10-9:50)

Monday-  Board wk, pgs. 43-44

HW-(Fat book), pg. 3. (only 3/ not 4)

Tuesday- Mad minute, multiplication – Define key terms, do pg. 4

HW- Division, (skinny) wk book pgs. 3-4

Wednesday- Go over HW, Do pgs. 7-8 Due tomorrow- (Hand in)  

HW- (Fat book), pg. 8 / Review Key Terms  

Thursday- Prime Factorization, notes and examples, pgs. 9-10

HW-  wk book pgs. 5-6 (Skinny)    

Friday- Go over HW/ Do pg. 11- On l/l – Hand in – Show work, Box answer  

8- Math-  8.NS.1  (9:50-10:30)

Monday-  Board wk pgs. cc15-cc16

HW-Text pg. 4

Tuesday- Collect HW/  Rational and Irrational Numbers, and Square Roots, pgs. 7-9, read and copy notes. do examples

HW- Pg. 11, Text book (Use text pgs. 7-9 for help)

Wednesday- Review pgs. 8-9, do pg. 12- Hand in with pg. 11

HW-Text pg. 13  

Thursday- Go over HW, Do pg. 14 together

HW-  Wk book pgs, Lesson 1.1  

Friday-  Go over HW,  -Lesson 1.2 Real Numbers, pgs. 15-18  

7- Math- 7.NS.1-    (10:30-11:10)

Monday-  Collect cc17-cc18  – Pg. 5 Vocabulary review,   Adding integers-

HW-Text pg. 4

Tuesday- Collect HW-   Review rules for Adding integers, Do pgs. 7-9

HW- Text pg. 10

Wednesday- Collect pg. 10

HW- Text pg. 11-12

Thursday-  Go over, Do wk book Lesson 1.1 – Collect

HW-  Use Rules for Adding integers do Text pgs. 15-16  

Friday- Hand in HW-  Do Text pgs. 17-18  (Complete if needed) Due Monday  

4- Religion –  (11:10-11:50)

Monday-  The story of Creation/ Genesis 1

Tuesday- Creation drawings/ The Story of Creation

HW- Chapel tomorrow  

Wednesday- Chapel @ 8:40, all are welcome  

Thursday- Wk book pgs. Creation, Genesis 1

Friday-  Continue wk Book and discussion          


                                    Recess/Lunch–  (11:50-12:30)  


PBL – (12:30-1:45) – GRADES 4-5 – PBL – Why is it important to recycle?  

What is pollution?  What causes pollution?  Whats wrong with pollution?  What can we do?  How do we solve the problem?  What part should our government play?  What can/do lawmakers do to help solve the pollution problem?  Can they do more? (What?)

5/6 – Science (1:45-2:25)

Monday- A trip in the garden, (weather permitting)  

HW – Write 5 to 7 sentences about what you observed in the garden.  What are some habitats you observed in the garden?  Did you see anything that might be harmful to any organismshabitats?

Thursday-  Define vocabulary Chapter 1-1 in N/B

HW-  Review words, Quiz next Thursday

Friday-  Read and discuss Chapter 1-1.  Ecosystems