From the desk of Ms. Costanzo:
– The students have started our unit on Earth in PBL. They became poets and wrote their own poems about nature. We will be gardening soon and watching the new life we will help create. Their work is often displayed outside the kitchen and the students present their work in Assembly.
– Assembly- Friday 4/20 in the Church @ 1:50. Hope you can join us.
– PTO meeting- Wednesday 4/18 @ 6:00 pm.
– Stay informed by viewing my weekly Blog and Homework assignments on our website.
– NYS Math exams will take place the first week of May.
– Blogging/Gaming club will begin in May.
– PS- So, now some of you know that I can “Floss”, LOL (I heard you saw the video) I’m just as silly as my students, that’s why we get along so well.

Ms. Costanzo Lessons for 4/9-4/13 2018 Week 30
***** Students may wear Gym clothes and sneakers on gym and yoga days only, (Mondays and Wednesdays) They must be in full uniform all other days.

8:20-8:30- 4th grade Homeroom- Attendance, Pledge and Devotions.

4th- Math- (8:30-9:10)
Monday- NF.3 -Do pg. 303, Hand in
HW- wk sheet pgs. 149-150, Test Friday
Tuesday- Problem Solving, multistep problems, pgs. 305-307
HW- text pg. 308 Test Friday
Wednesday- (9:10-9:50) – Test review, pgs. 309-310
HW- wk sheet pgs. 151-152
Thursday- Continue review, pg. 311 Go over
HW- Review pgs. 309-311 in folder
Friday- Test on Chapter 7, 4.NF.1-3 Fractions and mixed numbers

6- Math- (9:10-9:50)
Monday- EE.1 -Solving equations, pg. 255-256
HW- wk book pgs. 125-126
Tuesday- Collect HW, – Define vocabulary, go over do pg. 258-259
HW- Complete pgs. 259-260
Wednesday- Go over HW , wk book pgs. 127-128
HW- Complete CW- (skinny) pgs. 127-128
Thursday- Parts of an expression, terms and coefficients, pgs. 261-263
HW- Review notes and lessons do pg. 264
Friday- Go over HW, do (skinny) pgs. 129-130, Hand in

7- Science- (9:50-10:30)
Monday- Health and the Human Muscular system, pgs. 50-54, What are the roles of your muscles? Give 3 examples to why your muscles are important. Define words, 1) involuntary muscle 2) voluntary muscle 3) tendon 4) smooth muscle 5) skeletal muscle 6) cardiac muscle
HW- Complete and Review vocabulary, quiz Thursday
Tuesday- Read pgs.50-54
HW- Reread pgs.50-54, vocabulary quiz Thursday
Thursday- Vocabulary Quiz, on l/l questions pg. 54, (1-5) Hand in
HW- Review notes and lessons, complete questions if needed
Friday- Lab skills, pg. 55- A Look Beneath the Skin, Labeling the body. use model. Name our person

8- Science – (10:30-11:10)
Monday- Soil, pgs. 248-249, read and discuss. Soil samples, Define words, pg. 248
HW- Complete definitions pg. 248
Tuesday- Continue reading, 250-254
HW- Reread pgs. 248-254
Thursday- Go over vocabulary.Questions, pgs. 254- 1- a,b,c 2- a, and 3- b (Hand in)
HW- Complete CW if needed
Friday- Observation in the garden. What do you notice? Where are plants growing and where aren’t they growing? Check the soil. What do you notice about the soil and its colors?

4- Religion – (11:10-11:50)
Monday- Word of the week, Bible reading,
Tuesday- Chapel in May, discuss and choose songs.
HW- Chapel tomorrow
Wednesday- Chapel @ 8:40 – All are welcomed
Thursday- Wk book pgs. 155
Friday- Practice songs, make butterflies

Recess/Lunch- (11:50-12:30)

PBL – (12:30-1:45) – GRADES 4-8 – ** – Tuesday- 4/10 – 11:10, Choir 1:10, Music

5/6 – Science (1:45-2:25)
Monday- Forests and Fisheries, pgs. 89-93- define vocabulary, do Activity- pg. 89
HW – Reread pgs. 89-93
Thursday- Go over vocabulary, Discuss pgs. 89-93, What do you remember from he reading?
HW- Question 1, a, b, c- pg. 93
Friday- Question 2, a, b, c- pg. 93 Hand in with 1