From the desk of Ms. Costanzo:    

Welcome back.  Hope you had a restful break.
NYS Math Assessment Exams, 5/2-5/3

– Now that the weather is getting nice, we will be going out in the garden.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love gardening.  

If you have time on Thursday mornings or know of anyone looking for a great school for their children, stop by and tour the building.  You will see the extraordinary things the children are doing.  
Please send in nonperishable foods for Chapel. We are collecting breakfast foods this month but, you may send in any items you wish.  Anything will be appreciated.  Thank you and God Bless.  

-Stay informed by viewing my weekly Blog and Homework assignments on our website.  

They are truly a pleasure.  Such great kids. Our wonderful students.  💕📚


          Ms. Costanzo                        Lessons for -4/15-4/19 2019                        Week 32


** Students are expected to be on time for class. Our first period begins at 8:30.

*** Students may wear Gym clothes and sneakers on gym and yoga days only, (Mondays and Wednesdays)  They must be in full uniform all other days.  

**** Music classes and choir classes are on Wednesdays, please remind your child to bring their recorder and song book to school.                            

8:20-8:30                                                                                                                                                                     4thgrade Homeroom–  Attendance, Pledge and Devotions.

Vocabulary -Unit 14  

4th-  Math- NF.1. –  (8:30-9:10)

Monday-  Test prep, – Problem solving using equivalent fractions, pgs. 245-246

HW-  Chapter review pgs. 247-248, due Wednesday    

Tuesday- Complete pgs. 245-246, go over

HW-Chapter review pgs, 247 – 248, due tomorrow. NYS Math test Thursday and Friday

Wednesday-  Pgd. 259-260

HW-  Review fractions, multiplying and dividing over the break.  

Thursday- NYS Math test

HW- wk sheet pgs. 123-124, Comparing fractions

Friday-  state test 

6 Math– EE.1.-  (9:10-9:50)

Monday- Review HW Continue pgs. 259-260

HW-   Read and try pgs. 261-262, (Fat book)

Tuesday- Go over HW, Writing expressions in words, pgs. 263-264

HW- Review lesson, wk pgs. 129-130, due Friday. NYS Math test 5/2-5/3

Wednesday- Pgs. 267-268

HW-  Review lessons, complete HW

Thursday- NYS Math test  

HW- pgs. 129-130, due tomorrow  

Friday-  NYS Math test 

7- Science-   (9:50-10:30)

Monday- Chapter 7, Lesson 1- How the Nervous System Works, pgs. 190-194- Read together and take notes.  Review key terms.

HW- Complete reading, pgs. 190-194

Tuesday- Review 7-1, Activity,  pgs. 190-194, notes and key terms.

HW- Review pg. 193, The Path of Nerve Impulse. What are the 3 kinds of Neurons and what is each responsible for?  

Thursday- Go over HW, review lesson, discuss questions pg. 194

HW- none

Friday-  7-2, Division of the Nervous System pgs. 196-202 Parts of the Central Nervous System and their jobs.    

8- Science – (10:30-11:10)

Monday-  Data about the planets due. Complete typing, Hand in  Read and discuss. choose a planet, (not Earth) Research planet.  Rubric- Title and introduction- 20,  Three body paragraphs, each discussing and different topic area about the planet- 20 for each paragraph=60,   A conclusion summing up your data- 20.  Total score 100%  (check spelling and neatness. It may be typed but, not needed.

HW- Complete CW if needed    

Tuesday- Review and discuss research papers.  Read and review pgs. 720-727, The Outer Planets, notes and discussion

HW-  Complete reading, pgs. 720-727

Thursday- pg. 727, questions on l/l,   (1, a-b-c-d and 2, b-c,) Hand in

HW- Complete questions if needed.  

Friday-  Comets, Asteroids and Meteors- pgs. 730-733- use computers to identify each  

4- Religion –  (11:10-11:50)

Monday- Word of the week, Bible reading.  Luke      

Tuesday- wk book pgs,    

HW-  Chapel tomorrow

Wednesday-  Chapel @ 8:40 – All are Welcome

Thursday-  NYS Math test 

Friday-  NYS Math test        


                                    Recess/Lunch–  (11:50-12:30)  


PBL – (12:30-1:45) – GRADES 4-8 – PBL – April – May

Women Inventors, Introduction -National Womens month. Math Test Prep, – Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.  NYS exam 5/1, 5/2,

5/6 – Science (1:45-2:25)

Monday- On l/l, questions pgs. 119, (1-5)  

HW-  Complete questions if needed  

Thursday- Hand in questions, pg. 119 – Climate Regions pgs. 122-131

HW- Complete reading

Friday-  Discuss pgs. 122-131, notes on Climate Regions (pgs. 124-125)