From the desk of Ms. Costanzo:    

Trip to movie theater 5/7, Tuesday. Must wear Astoria Lutheran School gym uniform. (Must have school logo, name) or school uniform.
Special PersonsDay- Thursday 5/9 @ 12:30.  Assembly will follow. Please join us as we honor you, the special people in our lives.  

– Now that the weather is getting nice, we will be going out in the garden.  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I love gardening.  

If you have time on Thursday mornings or know of anyone looking for a great school for their children, stop by and tour the building.  You will see the extraordinary things the children are doing.  
Please send in nonperishable foods for Chapel. We are collecting breakfast foods this month but, you may send in any items you wish.  Anything will be appreciated.  Thank you and God Bless.  

-Stay informed by viewing my weekly Blog and Homework assignments on our website.  

          Ms. Costanzo                        Lessons for -May 6, – May 10, 2019                        Week 33


** Students are expected to be on time for class. Our first period begins at 8:30.

*** Students may wear Gym clothes and sneakers on gym and yoga days only, (Mondays and Wednesdays)  They must be in full uniform all other days.  

**** Music classes and choir classes are on Wednesdays, please remind your child to bring their recorder and song book to school.                            

8:20-8:30                                                                                                                                                                     4thgrade Homeroom–  Attendance, Pledge and Devotions.

Vocabulary -Unit 14- Due Thursday  

4th-  Math- NF.3. –  (8:30-9:10)

Monday-  Chapter review

HW-  Complete text pgs. 261-264    

Tuesday- Trip

HW-Complete pgs. 261-264  

Wednesday- Adding fractions with common denominators pgs. 277-281, notes and examples  

HW-wk sheet pgs 139-140  

Thursday- pgs. 284-286, go over new words. define in N/B

HW-  wk sheet pgs 141-142  

Friday-  Text pgs. 287-288, Hand in  

6 Math– EE.6.-  (9:10-9:50)

Monday- Review HW Continue pgs. 269-270

HW-   complete CW

Tuesday- Trip

HW- Review lesson, read pgs. 271-272  

Wednesday- Review solving with variables pgs. 272-274

HW-  Complete pgs. 273 -274  

Thursday- Go over HW,  Combining like terms, 275-276

HW- wk book pgs. 133-134

Friday-  Hand in HW, do wk book pgs. 135-136, hand in    

7- Science-   (9:50-10:30)

Monday- You Decide, pgs. 203

HW- Complete pg. 203 if needed  

Tuesday- Trip

HW- trip

Thursday- Chapter 7, Lesson 3- Using your senses, pgs. 204-211, Activity-

HW- Complete reading pgs. 204-211, The Senses

Friday-  On l/l, questions (1-5) pg. 211- Hand in

8- Science – (10:30-11:10)

Monday-  You decide, Explore space or not explore space.  

HW- Complete if needed    

Tuesday- Trip

HW-  trip

Thursday- Comets, Asteroids and Meteors pgs. 730-733, do activity

HW- Complete or reread 730-733

Friday-  Comets, Asteroids and Meteors- pgs. 730-733- use computers to identify each  

4- Religion –  (11:10-11:50)

Monday- Wk book pgs.  Bible reading.  Luke      

Tuesday- Trip  

HW-  Chapel tomorrow

Wednesday-  Chapel @ 8:40 – All are Welcome

Thursday- Bible reading, Jesus Ascends  Luke , wk book pgs.

Friday-  The day of Pentecost Bible reading  Luke            


                                    Recess/Lunch–  (11:50-12:30)  


PBL – (12:30-1:45) – GRADES 4-8 – PBL – April – May

Women Inventors, Conclusion, projects and presentations  

5/6 – Science (1:45-2:25)

Monday- Climate Regions, pgs. 122 – 131  

HW-  Complete questions if needed  

Thursday- Go over questions, Create climate region posters.  

HW- Complete reading

Friday-  Work on poster. complete for HW if needed