Thank you all for all the generous gifts and cards. I hope everyone enjoyed the time off. This week is a short one but it is the beginning of the year and so always the opportunity to start the year off right with a positive attitude to learning and to be on time and prepared for lessons!

Here are some memories of Christmas!

Homework for Mr.Alovisetti, week ending 1/4/19


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Christmas Holiday Chapel – continue with food donations 6/7/8-Tech

Review skills

6-8 Art
4/5 – SS

Complete questions

4/5 – SS

Review new terms

5/6- ELA

Complete unfinished work in vocabulary book

5/6- Tech

Review skills

4/5 SS

Complete Reading Comprehension worksheet on 13 Colonies


Complete any unfinished work or revision from timeline


Assigned reading


Review skills


Review skills


Review skills