Mr. Alovisetti’s HW for week ending 9/13

Happy first week! In 6th grade we will started World History last week with a review of what history means. This week we are going to learn about ‘The First People’ and the tools that were used. In 4th grade we continue in our workbooks. HW will be to write 1 good sentence for each vocabulary word. We will understand what a ‘good sentence’ means.  In Technology the students helped me ‘clear out’ the desktops and created new ‘files’ for themselves. We will begin skills based activities around keyboarding and Word documents. Have a great week.

Mr. A

Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


6-S/S (RA) Review new terms


9:50-10:30 4-Vocab (RA) Write 1 good sentence for each word.



5-Tech (RA) Review key skills
10:30-11:10 6-SS (RA) – Imagine you are going to create a time capsule. Choose three ‘tools’ from today’s world and write a description of what your choices say about modern society. Due Tuesday.
1:45-2:25 6- S/S (RA) Complete Section 1 worksheet – Due Friday