In 6th grade Social Studies, we continue with migration as a talking point in class. Last week we started looking at early human migration and started talking about modern day migration and its effect on the world’s resources. HW this week will involve some writing and thinking about migration. In 4th grade Vocab, we will finish Unit 1 and students will begin preparing for a spelling and comprehension quiz next week. Have a great week!
Mr. A

Mr. Alovisetti’s HW for week ending 9/16

Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday


6-S/S (RA) – Write your argument about migration.  2 paragraphs and a conclusion (Due Friday)
9:50-10:30 4-Vocab (RA) ; Prepare for spelling/comprehension quiz next week!



5-Tech (RA) – Review skills


10:30-11:10 6-SS (RA) – Review notes, key words from the week/


1:45-2:25 6- S/S (RA) Is migration  good or bad? List 5 good points and 5 bad points.