Happy Tuesday!

We are collecting BOX TOPS again!

HW: Math pages 99-100

Spelling words: 3x each

Sight words: 3x each

**For PBL on Tuesday, the students must bring in something that will protect their snowman (ice a few inches tall) . They will design some type of “protection” and then build it.

Spirit Week is this week. WEDNESDAY is the only day on which uniforms must be worn.

Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday= wear a silly hat, tie, or socks WITH YOUR UNIFORM

Thursday is Thunderous Thursday= dress like a pirate

Friday is Flannel Friday= Pajama Day

Parents, if you could please donate any tissues or paper towels, it would be greatly appreciated! We are almost out of both.   🙁

Spelling words Lesson 15: strike, string, splash, split, scrub, scrap, nose, cute, does, girl