Can you believe June is here? It seems we were wearing heavy coats just a few weeks ago. (Oh, yeah, we were ) I am thankful that we had a beautiful day for Camp Herrlich on Friday. There was an exciting bus trip up to camp, however we managed to fit in all our activities. This week we will be getting ready for “Look How We’ve Grown” on Wednesday. We’ll read  “The Tiny Seed”, a beautiful story about the journey of a seed. Spelling will cover r-controlled syllables, while grammar will focus on possessive pronouns. We will be studying equal groups in math, and be introduced to arrays. Several new cursive capitals will be introduced. Religion will focus on those who set out to tell the news of the gospels. Our last PBL topic will be the 50 U.S. states.

Have a great week. Remember that our Walk-a Thon is Friday morning. Pledges will be used to support the Astoria Lutheran School Financial assistance Fund.


Monday: 1) Math WS  2) Spelling Woeds 5x

Tuesday:  1) Math WS  2) Use  10 Spelling words in a paragraph.

Wednesday: 1) Reading Sheet  2) reread “The Tiny Seed.”.  Test Friday

Thursday:  1) Spelling p.119 & 120  2) Finish Handwriting p.69

Friday: !) FROGGIE SLEEPOVER!  Write entries in a diary telling about your adventures with your froggie friend this weekend..