Happy Easter! He is Risen, indeed!    Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday and a restful vacation.

This week we will be beginning a new PBL unit about dinosaurs. If your child has books about dinosaurs that  they would like to share with the class, please send them in. We’ll be doing lots of research and the more information available, the better. Math lessons will focus on two and three-dimensional shapes and their attributes.  “Officer Buckle and Gloria” will be our main reading selection this week. It focusses on working as a team and observing illustrations carefully to understand a story more fully. Irregular verbs will be explored in grammar and vowel teams in multi-syllabic words will be used in spelling words. Religion will follow the resurrection of Jesus and his appearances to His disciples.

Have a great week. Look for flowering trees and pictures in the clouds.


Monday: 1) Math P241 & P242  2) Spelling Words 5x

Tuesday: 1) Math P243 & P244  2) Spelling  Sentences 2 in 1

Wednesday:  1) Math P245 & P246  2) SN: The Great Garbage Strike WS

Thursday:  1) Math P247 & P248  2) Spelling p.108 Part B

Friday:  1) Math P249 & P250  2) Reread “Officer Buckle and Gloria”. TEST MONDAY