Greetings! it’s so pleasant to have the windows open all afternoon. Fresh air is amazing and restorative. This week we will have spelling words all about baseball. Some of the students will be gathering at Citifield on Thursday to participate in a “Weather Education Day” and see a Mets game. Others will be back at school doing activities with Mrs.R and Ms.Gigler. We will be reading the story, “Mice and Beans” by Pam Munoz Ryan, and using pronouns and quotation marks in grammar.  Our math lessons will focus on making estimations for two and three digit addition problems. We will fashion dinosaur skeletons from pipe cleaners and create a display background for them. We hope to play outside each day in the sunshine!

Have a good week.


Monday: 1) Math WS  2) Baseball Words 5x

Tuesday: 1) Math WS  2) Write a story using your baseball words

Wednesday:  1) Grammar p.103  2) Finish Handwriting p.62

Thursday: No Homework for the long weekend!