Wow! I was filling in my calendar for the next few weeks and almost fainted! We have lots of special activities, trips, and celebrations. This Tuesday, we will be going to the theater to see the movie “Penguins.” Excitement is brewing.

Our math lessons will feature equal parts and fractions. We’ll read about a whale that has been saved and a harbor seal growing up in reading. Irregular verbs are the grammar topic, while multi-syllabic words with a final “e” will be covered in spelling. Several more capital letters will be introduced in handwriting. Jesus appearances to His disciples will be discussed in religion. PBL will continue with dinosaurs as our main focus.

Have a good week.


Monday:  1) Math P251 & P252  2) Spelling Words 5x

Tuesday:  1) Use Spelling words in a paragraph. Use at least 10 words.

Wednesday:  1) Math P253 & P254  2) Grammar p.89

Thursday:  1) Math P255 & P256  2) Spelling p.112 Part B

Friday:  1) Math P257 & P258  2) Be kind and help your mom.