Did your child show you how to take your pulse over the weekend? That’s what we did last week during PBL. We discovered that our heart rate increases when we exercise. This week we will learn more about our heart and lungs. We will finish up the autobiography by Pam Munoz Ryan and move on to reading a folktale from Liberia, titled “Head. Body, Legs”. (This ties in with our PBL unit.) More open syllables are introduced in spelling and both present and past tenses of the verb “to be” will be explored in grammar. We have a test on measuring with metric units on Tuesday and then begin a unit on data in math. Religion lessons include the parable of the lost sheep, the story of Zacchaeus, and Mary anointing Jesus.

Have a good week. Pull a prank on April Fool’s Day. I will!


Monday: 1) Math P219 & P220  2) Spelling Words 5x  3) Reread ‘Stirring Up Memories”. Test Tuesday

Tuesday:  1) Math + and – review  2) Spelling Sentences 2 in 1

Wednesday: 1) Math P223 & P224  2) Grammar p.76 & 77

Thursday: 1) MathP225 & P226    2)Spelling p.100 Part B

Friday:  1) Math P227 & P228   2) Handwriting . Complete p.51