Ahh! Chilly mornings, windy days, rainy days, warmer afternoons – that sums up spring. We have another busy week ahead. Cause and effect will be the focus of our reading selections, two-syllable words that end in -le will comprise our spelling list, grammar will explore linking verbs. During math, we continue to record and interpret data using various graphs and charts. Religion lessons will focus on Holy Week. PBL lessons will introduce the  digestive and muscular systems of the human body. Tuesday we will have our first lesson with “City Bees and Peas”, a gardening group that will begin by teaching children all about soil. We look forward to more lessons involving planting, tending and harvesting.

Have a fine week.


Monday:  1) Math P229 & P230  2) Spelling words 5x

Tuesday:  1) Math P231 & P232  2) Spelling Sentences 2 in 1

Wednesday: 1) Math P233 & P234   2) Grammar p.83 & 84  3) reread “Head, Body, Legs”  TEST FRIDAY

Thursday:  1) Math P235 & P236  2) Spelling p.104 Part B

Friday:  1) SN: Rainbow Plants