Greetings everyone! This teacher has been glued to the computer watching the ceremonial start of the Iditarod Sled dog Race and will watch the restart as soon as this blog is completed. The kids will be viewing parts of the race in real time in class. The technology along the trail has been improving every year. Each child has chosen a musher to follow and will check their progress daily. We will research some behind the scenes information and build mini sleds and a team of dogs to “pull” it. Fun, fun, fun.

We’ll have a test on Tuesday on the story “Abuelo and the Three Bears”. We will then read about how art and music are ways to express ourselves. Present and past tense verbs are on the grammar agenda, while words with closed syllables will be presented in spelling. Our new math unit focuses on measurement using customary units. We will learn about several more of Jesus’ miracles and learn four more lower case cursive letters in handwriting.

Have a good week. Wear your boots tomorrow.


Monday: 1) Math P183 & P184  2) Spelling words 5x  3)File Folder

Tuesday: 1) Math P185 & P186  2) Spelling Sentences 2 in 1

Wednesday: !0 Math P187 & P188  2) Grammar p.60

Thursday: 1) Math P189 & P190  2) Spelling p.84  Part B

Friday: Math P191 & P192  2) Grammar p.64