Daylight Saving Time is here and we look forward to more hours spending time outdoors. With the weather warming, up the kids are looking forward to recess on the playground once again. While in Alaska our favorite mushing teams in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race continue along the trail to Nome. We will continue to follow the human and canine athletes until the last team passes under the burled arch at the finish line. (As of Sunday morning, the leader is approaching Unalakleet at mile 737 out of the 998 mile race.) We are building model sleds and will be hitching up dogs with ganglines and towlines. Our original stories about the race will reveal what we have learned about this exciting Alaskan adventure. (It’s been great to share real time moments from Iditarod Insider with the students. Ms.G approves of this technology.)

We will be reading a story about “Music of the Stone Age”, review how to summarize, spell words with several syllables, and use the present and past tenses of the verb “have”. Math lessons focus on measuring in inches, feet, and yards. We will be introducing two new cursive letters each day. Some children will need to complete their handwriting at home if it isn’t completed in class.

Have a good week. Don’t think of taking your winter coat to the cleaners just yet!


Monday:  1) Math P191 & P192  2) Spelling Words 5x

Tuesday:  2) Math P193 & P194  2) Spelling Sentences 2 in 1

Wednesday:  1) Math P195 & P196  2) Reread ” Music of the Stone Age”  TEST TOMORROW

Thursday: 1) Math P197 & P198   2) Spelling p.88 Part B

Friday:  1) Math P199 & P200  2) Finish any handwriting pages from this week. p.33-37