I hope everyone defrosted after the weather we had this past week. I hear that both Punxatawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck predict an early spring! Long live groundhogs!

This week we will continue reading about the Alvin Ailey Kids – a dance school right here in NYC. We are writing a biography about someone we know. We are including facts and our impressions about the person we have chosen.We will be listening to songs sung by Ella Jenkins, a favorite for decades. We begin our next math unit, focusing on money and time. We are learning about connecting letters in our cursive writing class. Verbs will be on the agenda in grammar, and words with the ue,ui, oo, and oe  sounds in spelling. We will discuss two of Jesus’ miracles during religion. We continue our colonial studies during PBL. Friday is our 100th Day of school! We will have special activities all day in all our subjects! We’ll be asking for donations for a special bowl of treats. A note will be coming home on Monday.

Stay warm. Stay well.


Monday: 1) Math WS 2) Spelling Words 5x

Tuesday: 1) Math P157 & P158  2) Spelling Sentences 1-8

Wednesday: 1) Math P159 & P160  2) Spelling Sentences 9-15  3) Reread “Alvin Ailey Kids”   TEST Friday

Thursday: 1) Math P161 & P162  2) Grammar p.46 & p.47

Friday: 1) Grammar p.54 & P.55  2) File Folder