Greetings all! This week we will depart from our regular reading lessons. We will be watching videos and reading about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We will also be reading  about Linda Brown, Ruby Bridges, and Rosa Parks to celebrate three African Americans who made a difference. Our math lessons will continue to focus on counting money in amounts of one dollar and more. Spelling lessons involve vowel digraphs – oo and ou- while grammar lessons will focus on present tense verbs. Cursive handwriting continues with several new letters. PBL focus is on social studies about colonial times in America. We will have a special project about a  famous American  due March 1st. All info will be coming home this week.

Have a happy President’s Day and winter break next week.


Monday: 1) Math P163 & P164  2) Spelling Words 5x

Tuesday: 1) Math P165 & P166  2) SN: Abe Lincoln WS

Wednesday: 1) Math P167 & P168  2) Spelling Sentences 2 in1

Thursday: 1) Math P169 & P170  2) SN: When School Was Cruel WS

Friday: 1) Math 171 & P172  2)SN: Too Much Toothpaste  3) Work on your Famous Ameerican project