We all survived School Spirit Week. Pirate Day was a hit, PJ Day is always relaxed, Crazy hat day was funny, and we all were glad to see which teams we support. We look forward to next year’s activities.

This week we will be finding out about the early explorers and settlers in the Americas during PBL. We will complete our chapter about 3 digit addition and subtraction in math. In reading we will find out how people express their emotions in creative ways. GROUNDHOG DAY is this Saturday! (Ms.G’s favorite almost holiday) We will read about the legend and determine if there is any truth in it! Spelling words will focus on “ou” and “oy” sounds, while we’ll continue the uses of apostrophes in grammar. Religion will begin a series of lessons about the miracles of Jesus.

Keep a hat and scarf handy this week. Remember to send in school shoes if your child wears boots so they can change their footwear. Stay warm!


Monday: 1) Math P147 & P148  2) Spelling Words 5x

Tuesday: 1) P149 & P150  2) Spelling Sentences 2 in 1

Wednesday: 1) Math P151 & P152  2) Grammar p.44

Thursday: 1) Math P153 & P154  2) Spelling p.68 Part B

Friday: 1) Math Riddles 2) Groundhog WS