Wow! We’ve arrived at the busiest time of year, with everyone hurrying around preparing for Christmas. We’ll be getting the Christmas program ready here at school too. We’ll be working with Mrs.Stone ,our music teacher to learn songs for the program. The program will be presented Thursday evening, December 20th.

This week we will continue our work adding two digit numbers with regrouping. We’ll explore text features in an article about gingerbread. (How were those cookies we made last week? Tasty?) We’ll have a test on the story, “Babu’s Song” on Wednesday, and begin reading several folktales later in the week. Advent will be our focus in Religion class. Our new unit on the solar system will begin in PBL.

Parent Teacher conferences are scheduled for this Friday. Some are scheduled before school. Students have a half day and are dismissed at 11:00am.. Other conferences are scheduled in the afternoon. We’ll see you then. Be sure to look at the wonderful photos of your children at work on the wall near the church office.

Have a great week.


Monday:  1) Math P91 & P92  2) Spelling Words 5x  3) reread “Babu’s Song”

Tuesday:  1) Math P93 & P94  2)  Spelling Sentences 1-8

Wednesday:  1) Math P95 & P96  3) Spelling Sentences 9-15

Thursday: 1) Math P97 & P98   3) Reading WS

Friday: 1) Math P99 & P100  2) File Folder