The third week of Advent has come and that means Christmas is just around the corner. We are practicing our songs daily in preparation for our Christmas Program, this Thursday at 7:00pm.. Students should arrive at 6:30pm and go directly to the kindergarten room. Parents will go directly to the church to find a seat. Remenber to bring your tickets with you.

In class, we’ll continue our study of two-digit subtraction using number lines, and tens and ones blocks for modeling.  We have a fun Scholastic News article that teaches about reindeer and the physical adaptations that help them survive in harsh environments. We’ll learn two cursive letters using pointed tops, and try our grammar skills at “Grinch Mad Libs”. The moon will be the focus during PBL. Each child completed a model of the solar system last week and presented them during assembly.

Have a good week and a blessed Christmas.


Monday: 1) Math P109 & P110  2) Christmas words WS

Tuesday:  1) Math P111 & P112  2) Reading WS

Wednesday: 1) Math P113 & P114  2) Reading Sheet

Thursday: 1) Math P115 & P116 2) See you tonight at 6:30pm in the Kdg room.

Friday: 1) Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks.