Somebody changed the settings on this blog, so if it doesn’t appear as usual, it wasn’t me!

This coming week we will finish up our Math unit on addition and move on to two-digit subtraction. We will read “Dona Flor” , an original tall tale by Pat Mora. We’ll begin our study of cursive writing by learning the basic strokes necessary for handwriting. We will also be working on our  Christmas Program music. Our PBL unit about the solar system and space has begun. We’ll be creating our own constellations and naming them.


Monday: 1. Math P.101+P.102  2. Spelling words 5 X  **Math Test Wednesday

Tuesday: 1. Math P.103+P.104  2. Spelling sentences 1-8

Wednesday: 1. Math Puzzle  2. Spelling sentences 9-15  3. Re-read “Dona Flor” Test Friday

Thursday: 1. Reading sheet  2. Use vocabulary words in sentences

Friday: Math P.107-P.108  2. Prepare for the 3rd week of Advent!