A special thank you to parents who were able to join us at our Chapel presentation last Wednesday. The children were practicing songs for most of the month of October! We received lots of positive feedback from teachers and students that was much appreciated.

Our schedule has been irregular these past few weeks, so we’re hoping to get back on track. We’ll be reading a new story about a girl new to the United States and how her feelings change after she makes a friend. We’ll also be reading about veterans from WWII in commemoration of Veteran’s Day which is this coming Sunday. We are continuing our study of addition and finding various strategies to find answers. There are many ways to get the same answer to a question and we will be introducing the children to many of them. (Do not be afraid if you do not understand the pictures and graphics. If the children are attentive they will be able to explain them to you.) We will be wrapping up  our Science PBL unit on animals  and moving on to a Social Studies topic focusing on the world around us and its cultures.(This is great since it coincides with our International Luncheon next Friday, Nov.16th.)

Ask you child about the rotten pumpkin. We will be observing the changes to a pumpkin that graced the main entrance. We already saw where hungry squirrels nibbled , where ants were crawling, a small rot spot, and some black and green mold spores. We moved it to a big pot in the garden so it doesn’t stink up the school entrance. (We’d be in trouble if we left it there!)

Have a happy week


Monday: 1)Math P61 & 62  2) Spelling Words 5x

Tuesday: 1) Math P63 & P64  2) Spelling Sentences 1-8

Wednesday: 1) Math P65 & P66  2) Spelling Sentences 9-15

Thursday: Math P67 & P68 2) Grammar p.20

Friday: 1) Math P69 & 70   2) SN: High Flying Veterans/ WS