Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

This coming week we will learn about the history of gingerbread. On Tuesday, Ms.Kristine will join us in the kitchen and teach us how to make our own gingerbread! The school will be smelling sweet and spicy. We will read a story about a grandfather and grandson titled “Babu’s Song” and write about a family hero in our lives. In Math we will concentrate on modeling regrouping in addition. In PBL, we will wrap up our cultural studies. In Religion we will discuss the upcoming church season of Advent.

Have a great week. Start your letters to Santa.


Monday: 1) Math P81 & 82  2) Spelling Words 5x

Tuesday:  1) Math P83 & P84  2) Spelling Sentences 1-8

Wednesday:1) Math P85 & P86  2) Spelling Sentences 9-15

Thursday:  1) Math P87 & P88  2) Use Writer’s Checklist and make changes and corrections to your Family Hero Story

Friday:  1) Math P89 & P90  2) Surprise!