We survived our trip to the Bronx Zoo! We put in more than our 10,000 steps. We saw all sorts of birds, a tiger, an elephant, numerous deer and antelope, a herd of wild cows, and much more. I’m sure your child filled you in on the specifics. A special thanks to Carmela’s grandma, Carmela who braved the day with us.

This week we will resume our regular schedule. We begin a new topic in math – basic addition facts and number relationships. We’ll continue a  story we began last week about a deaf girl, use a dictionary to find words, review soft “c” and “g” sounds, study spelling words with long”e” sounds and discuss subjects in grammar. We will continue our PBL animal studies.

Our Chapel Service is coming together. We are hoping you can join us on Wednesday morning at 8:40 a.m..

Have a great week.


Monday: 1) Math P53 & P54  2) Spelling Words 5x

Tuesday:  1) Math P55 & P56  2) Spelling Sentences 1-8

Wednesday:  1) Math P57 & P58  2) Spelling Sentences 9-15

Thursday: 1)Math P59 & P60  2) SN: Rotten Science and WS

Friday: 1) Math P61 & P62