Brr! The chill is in the air now, folks. We watched the leaves falling from the trees during Friday’s rain. Then a squirrel was sitting in the tree giving us a cute show. We’ve been observing a pumpkin decomposing for the last 10 days or so. It began with a few squirrel bites, a few ants and rot spots. Our latest observation revealed a great big hole where all the pulp and seeds were gone. Our garden wildlife had a fine meal. We’ll take another look soon. What will we find next?

This week we’ll finish up our math unit on addition with a test on Thursday. We have a reading test on Tuesday on the story “My Name is Yoon”. We will work on combining sentences in grammar and words with long o sounds in spelling.

Our International Luncheon is this Friday, November 16. We are looking forward to sampling dishes from around the world. We made a list of countries that students and teachers in 2nd and 3rd grades have visited. Can you guess how many were on the list? Forty! Amazing. We are a well travelled bunch.

Enjoy your week.


Monday: 1) Math P71 & 72  2) Spelling Words 5x

Tuesday:  1) Math P73 & P74  2) Spelling Sentences 1-8

Wednesday:  1) Math P75 & P76  2) Spelling Sentences 9-15

Thursday:  1) Math WS  2) Thanksgiving WS

Friday: 1) Grammar p.25  2)TBA