Happy New Year everyone! I cannot believe its 2019. Wow!  We have a short week, so we will be busy beavers and try to pack in as much learning as possible. We will continue our study of 2-digit subtraction using models and drawing quick pictures. In reading we’ll begin a folktale from India about a young girl who becomes a hero through a selfless act. Plural nouns will be our grammar topic, r-controlled vowels will be explored in spelling. Phases of the moon will be the focus during PBL. We’ll learn two new cursive letters that have pointed tops. Okay, we’re back to school.


Wednesday: 1) Math P115 & P116  2) Spelling Words 5x

Thursday: 1) Math P117 & P118  2) Spelling sentences 1-8

Friday: 1) Math P119 & P120  2) Spelling Sentences 9-15    Study for TEST MONDAY.