Greetings on Dr.Martin Luther King,Jr. Day. I hope you all have found a warm place to contemplate the lessons Dr.King shared with us during his lifetime and plan to take action to share those lessons  with others.

This week is SPIRIT WEEK at Astoria Lutheran School. Each day students will be encouraged to join in the fun and dress according to the theme of the day.       Tuesday: Sports Team Day.    Wednesday: Crazy hat, Socks, Tie Day. (Crazy hats will be worn after our chapel service.).    Thursday: Dress as a Pirate Day.     Friday: Flannel Friday ( aka Pajama Day).  We will be creating a banner that shows our school spirit and have a special activity period on Friday afternoon during which students will sign up for various activities, followed by an assembly in the chapel.

We will read about several African-American inventors, comparing and contrasting their lives and achievements. Using possessives and plural possessives will be the grammar focus, while dipthongs (ou, ow) will appear in our spelling words. We will continue to explore 3 digit addition and begin 3 digit subtraction. Our religion lessons focus on Jesus’ early ministry. Our new PBL unit will explore how the USA began as 13 colonies and continued to grow and change into the 50 states we have today.

Stay warm. Have hot chocolate. It makes you feel better!


Tuesday: 1) Math P139 & P140  2) Spelling Words 5x

Wednesday: 1)  Math P141 & P142  2) Spelling Sentences 2 in 1  (This means using two spelling words in one sentence.)

Thursday:  1) Math P143 & P144    2) Reading WS

Friday:  1) Math P145 & P146   2) Reread “African-American Inventors” . TEST Monday !/28