Greetings! 2nd grade marches on. This week we will learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr  and his dream for America. We will also read about several African-American inventors and how they contributed to our lives. We will finish our math unit on 2-digit subtraction and move on to 3-digit addition. Grammar will focus on plurals and possessives, while spelling will center on r-controlled vowels. In PBL we will be building models of moon bases that will be displayed for our Open House on Wednesday , January 16 in the evening.

Remember to send school shoes to wear inside on days your child wears boots to school. Have a great week.


Monday:  1) Math P129 & P130  2) Spelling Words 5x      *** MATH TEST TOMORROW

Tuesday:  1) Grammar p. 37 & 38  2) Silly Spelling Sentences 1-8

Wednesday; 1) Math P133 & P134  2) Serious Spelling Sentences 9-15

Thursday:  1) Math P135 & P136  2) Reading WS

Friday: 1) Math P137 & P138