Our first few days back were a time to catch up with friends and share our holiday stories. The kids finally spotted their elf. The teacher thought the pesky creature had returned to the North Pole, but she doesn’t have much  experience with elves. She understands frogs.

This week we will be making inferences, using suffixes, and inflectional endings in our reading work. We’ll be problem solving to find differences, writing equations to represent subtraction, and using a number line, related facts and whole/part strategies. More work with plural and proper nouns will fill our grammar lessons, and r-controlled vowels will be featured in spelling. Our solar system unit continues in PBL. Several new letters will be taught in handwriting.

Have a great week.


Monday:  1) Math WS  2) Spelling Words 5x

Tuesday:  1) Math P121 & P122  2) SiIly Sentences 1-8

Wednesday: 1) Math P123 & P124  2) Serious Sentences  9-15

Thursday: 1) Math P125 & P126  2) Reading WS

Friday: 1) Math P127 & P128  2) Read about Dr.Martin Luther King,Jr.